Getting started webinar: Upgrading from Collaborate to Plastic SCM

Last year we began upgrading creators from Collaborate to a new and improved version control system (VCS) built specifically for rapid game development. Plastic SCM is Unity’s most scalable, feature-rich version control system, built for teams of any size and projects at every level of complexity.

Join Unity’s Manuel Lucio and Marie-Christine Babin for an on-demand webinar covering all you need to know about this exciting upgrade, including:

  • Why we’re moving on from Collaborate to this new and improved system
  • How Plastic SCM can help your studio level up and improve collaboration
  • How to upgrade to Plastic SCM from Collaborate
  • How to get up and running with Plastic SCM support

This webinar includes a 20-minute information session with Manuel and Marie-Christine, followed by a 10-minute Q&A period to answer your most pressing questions.

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Meet our hosts:

Marie-Christine Babin

Marie-Christine Babin is lead product manager for version control at Unity. Prior to joining Unity, she worked in game and interactive attractions development for eight years. She’s helping craft the vision for how version control can help create a collaborative environment inclusive of all team members regardless of their role.

Manuel Lucio

Manuel Lucio is the Plastic SCM support team manager at Unity. He’s been involved in Plastic SCM’s development for the past 12 years, and is passionate about helping teams find success with version control. When he’s not helping teams level up collaboration, he likes developing Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects – like the Yayagram!

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