How Ori: Will of the Wisps scaled for multiple platforms


How Unity powered the creation of Ori: Will of the Wisps 

Moon Studios has been choosing Unity as their core development platform since 2009, and they relied on Unity’s flexibility and extensibility to create the award-winning Ori: Will of the Wisps. Ori is now reaching eager gamers everywhere on consoles and PC. Studio founder Gennadiy Korol says, “Unity’s value for multiplatform development is incredible, a huge benefit. It’s the difference between expanding to a new platform or not.” 

Download this case study to learn how Moon Studios and Ori: Will of the Wisps:

  • Achieved native 4k resolution running at 120 fps on Xbox Series X
  • Reached 60 fps performance at highest quality, while still hitting their launch date
  • Fit gorgeous 2D art and 3D animation into the extremely tight memory budget
  • Took advantage of Unity’s extensibility and source code access to integrate proprietary code
  • Won Xbox Game of the Year 2020 among countless other awards and best-of lists

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