Marketing Activities

When you opt into Marketing Activities, Unity may engage with you as described below. Unity‘s goal is to send you only relevant content to inform you and help you succeed with our products and services. You may manage your preferences through your My Marketing Activities Preferences, under your Unity ID.

Types & Subject Matter of Marketing Activities

Types: Emails, channel advertising

Subject Matter:

Product learning: Receive learning content, tutorials, and tips to help you master our products and services.

Unity Events: Learn about upcoming Unity events, affiliate events, and other events we are participating in.

Feedback: Share your thoughts via surveys, interviews, roundtables, and research studies to help us improve our products and services to better serve you.

New products and services: Learn more about the new products and services Unity is launching.

Offers and promotions: Receive exclusive opportunities and discounts related to our products and services.

Newsletters: Hear about the latest things we are doing on a company-wide basis, or about a specific product, service, or industry.

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