Helping Knockout City dodge backend work

How can a team with low experience in multiplayer gaming stage a big launch for a game they’re passionate about the core concept of?

Forging ahead on a passion project in an area that your team is not highly experienced sounds like a risky prospect. Velan had to be sure they were on the right path with the game they had chosen to build and find a way to make their passion for the concept shine through in the gameplay.

Discover how they launched to a huge community of engaged players by choosing the right tools to bring their game to life. By finding the right partners to work with, Velan cut out the backend work to make sure they focused on developing a game every bit as fun as their original vision.

Knockout City launched big by amassing a large audience in their beta and utilising a unique launch event plan to snowball players. Download the case study to find out how using Multiplay, Vivox and Unity Matchmaker enabled the plans that saw Velan build a community for their game.


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