Introducing Unity ArtEngine

Artomatix has joined the Unity family! In this on-demand session, founder Eric Risser and Head of Product Ely Loew demonstrate powerful 3D material creation workflows and quality-of-life enhancements made available through AI-Assisted Artistry. See what's possible and what's on the roadmap for Unity ArtEngine from Artomatix and Unity!

Viewers will learn how to take full advantage of a scan-based workflow, with the help of ArtEngine's features such as Texture Mutation, Seam Removal, Pattern Unwarp, Material Generation, Texture Upresing, Color Match, JPEG Artifact Removal, Texture in-painting - and more.

This on-demand session includes:

  1. The benefits of introducing an Example-Based Workflow
  2. A sneak peek at the product roadmap (what will we automate next?)
  3. A Q&A session
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