Get ready for photogrammetry: A beginner’s guide to scan clean-up with Unity ArtEngine

Photogrammetry — that is, using photographs to reconstruct a real-life object or surface in 3D — can imbue your projects with lifelike color and depth. But many amateurs shy away because the technique can feel opaque and intimidating at first glance.

This e-book aims to demystify photogrammetry and illustrate how Unity ArtEngine can help with part of this scan-based workflow. ArtEngine uses AI to remove the complicated and tedious parts of material creation, which makes it an accessible tool for artists of every skill level.

Whether you’re an indie developer armed with a cellphone camera or a professional artist creating AAA game environments, this e-book will lift the veil of mystery from photogrammetry and show you how ArtEngine can help you make stunning, photorealistic digital assets.

In this e-book, you will:

  • Learn about photogrammetry
  • Discover how professional AAA gaming artists use photogrammetry in their work
  • Get a high-level overview of the end-to-end photogrammetry workflow
  • Receive tips on photographing real-world textures to use in digital assets
  • See a detailed walkthrough of ArtEngine’s scan clean-up abilities (generating PBR maps, delighting, removing seams, increasing the scale factor, removing undesired artifacts)
  • Encounter key terms in a quick-reference glossary

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