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You don’t have to be a coding wizard to create the best product configurators with Unity Forma. Learn how to make the most out of your subscription with these two beginner guides that will help you create unique marketing experiences for your customers

Part 1: Getting Started with Unity Forma

Discover how to use Forma to create interactive 3D product configurators at the hands of our technical marketing team. Plus, watch the full webinar featuring Senior Technical Specialist Jerome Maurey-Delaunay – no prior coding experience required.

Part 2: How to Get the Most Out of Unity Forma

Get the most out of Unity Forma with this even deeper dive into the world of creating 3D product configurators. Join Jerome Maurey-Delaunay, Senior Technical Specialist at Unity, for the full webinar here.

Learn to harness the power of Forma for your projects

In this section, you’ll find several different use cases that will help you discover the best ways to use Unity Forma to improve your industrial projects.

Unity Forma and Forma Render: Providing Real-time 3D Capabilities for Enterprise

Learn how Onanoff, a small audio technology manufacturer, uses Forma and Forma Render to bring their product to market in competition with much larger businesses.

How to Build a Real-time Property Configurator

Check out this live demo which teaches industrial users how to create an interactive, real-time 3D property configurator.

Marketer’s Guide to Getting Started with Unity Forma

Discover this guide intended for users with little to no experience with Unity. Bring real-time product configurators to life – no coding experience required.

How to Build Advanced, Real-time 3D Product Configurators

This session teaches advanced users how to combine the power of Unity Forma with the Unity editor – creating highly interactive and advanced real-time 3D property configurators.

Feast your eyes on the best creations from our Unity Forma Challenge

Earlier this year, we invited creators worldwide to unleash their talent and build an interactive 3D product configurator using Unity Forma. After rigorously evaluating each entry, we’re excited to showcase our grand prize winner and four runners-up. We also invite you to take a look at these 6 must-see 3D product configurators created in Unity Forma.

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Furthering your education with Forma

Take your skills to the next level with these advanced webinars covering the next phase in creating comprehensive 3D product configurators for your industrial projects.

How to Harness the Power of Unity Forma for B2B Manufacturing

Learn how the team over at iXtenda uses Forma to create exceptional marketing experiences for their manufacturing clients.

Multi-channel product configurators with Unity Forma

Watch products come to life with this three-part series covering the development of multi-channel product configurators in combination with other Unity products – including RestAR, ArtEngine, our Industrial Collection, and more!

How to Use Forma for Construction Projects

Learn how to apply Unity Forma to your construction projects at the hands of some of the industry’s leading experts.

How to Build Advanced Real-time 3D Product Configurators

This session for advanced users teaches you how to combine the power of Forma with the versatility of the Unity Editor – helping you create highly interactive and advanced 3D product configurators.

How to Get the Most Out of Unity Forma

Designed for intermediate users, this session shows you how to leverage helpful features within Forma and the Unity editor – helping you achieve better results when creating immersive real-time 3D product configurators.

Step-by-step: How to Customize Your Real-time 3D Configurator for Interactive Product Visualization Experiences

Explore this step-by-step approach to creating a configurator with a bespoke User Interface (UI) and adding custom interactivity – minimal coding required.

Unity Forma for architecture and construction

Check out this video featuring Jerome Maurey-Delaunay as he shows us how to leverage Unity Forma for visual real-estate projects. Plus, explore other event sessions from Industrial Digital Developer Days and Unite Now.

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Digital Developer Days 2021 - interactive 3D product configurator with Unity Forma

Take the time to watch this video, once again featuring Jerome Maurey-Delaunay, as he walks us through a few tips and tricks for creating 3D products configurators with Unity Forma. Plus, check out these sessions from events like Industrial Digital Developer Days and Unite Now.

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Learn more about Forma by reading these stories

Check out some of the following blog posts to further your education on how Unity Forma can be leveraged for your Industrial projects.

  • 6 must-see product configurators
  • Importing product data into Forma
  • Marketing experiences for consumer electronics
  • Creating a virtual machinery showroom
  • Introducing Unity Forma
  • 3D product configurators on mobile web
  • The canVERSE & Arksen workflow
  • Unity Forma Challenge
  • Forma Render

6 must-see interactive 3D product configurators

Traditional ways of showcasing products online are starting to feel like a thing of the past as brands now look to immersive, interactive real-time technology to turn shoppers into buyers. But what is driving this shift? Read on to discover what the market looks like today and six product configurators that are shaping it.

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Importing 3D product data into Unity Forma

Unity Forma makes it easy to create and publish marketing content and interactive experiences, including real-time 3D product configurators, from 3D product data. Let’s explore the import process and how to take the first step to start marketing your products in immersive ways on the web, mobile devices, and more.

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Delivering personalized marketing experiences for consumer electronics with Unity Forma

By relying on Unity’s product portfolio for marketing professionals, Onanoff, a global leader in safe, kid-friendly audio equipment, levelled up their digital marketing and customer experience. We partnered Onanoff with Visionaries 777, who leveraged the existing computer-aided design (CAD) data to create Onanoff’s marketing content pipeline – proving that compelling personalization technologies are accessible to all companies.

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Unity Forma for manufacturing: Creating a virtual machinery showroom

Discover how HOMAG, one of the world’s top manufacturers for woodworking machinery, used Unity Forma to swiftly adapt their marketing tactics during the pandemic. Their agency partner iXtenda created a 3D interactive sales, planning, and marketing platform for generating product imagery and configurable machine models in a virtual showroom.

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Introducing Unity Forma: Reimagine marketing with real-time 3D

We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it. That’s why we’re now making the power of real-time 3D accessible to marketing professionals with Unity Forma. It empowers these creators to produce interactive 3D product configurators and digital media from 3D product data in record time and without any coding skills.

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Bring interactive, real-time 3D product configurators to the mobile web and more with Unity Forma

Reaching your audience everywhere is critical to digital marketing success. Learn how Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professionals, makes it easy to create and publish real-time 3D product configurators to multiple endpoints, including mobile web. To show what’s possible, we’re debuting a WebGL car configurator demo that runs Unity in your web browser.

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From design model to real-time 3D configurator: The canVERSE and Arksen workflow

Wide-ranging industries are deploying real-time 3D configurators, as more businesses strive to engage their customers with interactive and immersive presales and marketing activities. Unity Forma, part of the family of Unity marketing solutions, provides an efficient, cost-effective solution to meet that need.

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Feast your eyes on the best creations from our Unity Forma Challenge

Earlier this year, we invited creators worldwide to unleash their talents and build an interactive 3D product configurator using Unity Forma, our new product for marketing professionals. After thoroughly evaluating entries, we’re excited to announce and showcase our grand prize winner and four runners-up.

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Create marketing assets faster with Forma Render

The latest release of Unity Forma includes Forma Render, the newest addition to the Unity marketing solutions offering. Combining the benefits of digital photography and a video production studio with an image-on-demand render engine, Forma Render enables anyone to create high-quality visual assets from 3D product data.

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Not sure where to start? Unity Pro and Enterprise subscribers in all industries can reach out to our Success Advisors for support at any time.

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