Fall Guys'  perfect landing

Discover why MediaTonic partners with Unity’s multiplayer services to deliver a market-leading player experience for millions of players.

Launching a new multiplayer game with little in the way of direct competitors is an exciting but risky prospect. MediaTonic had to ensure their team stayed focused on the fun instead of spending months on game hosting solutions. So how did they pull it off?

In this case study, we look at how MediaTonic partnered with Multiplay to deliver the hosting for their massively multiplayer party title Fall Guys. Learn how they used Unity Multiplayer Solutions to concentrate their teams' energies on creating a top-notch player experience, without having to worry about their server architecture and matchmaking.

Fall Guys has been a huge success for MediaTonic, with millions of games played since it launched on PS+ and Steam in August. Download the case study to learn how MediaTonic and Unity operate Fall Guys as it runs, jumps and hurls itself to the top of the battle royale pack.


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