Expert Live Sessions schedule

Overcome complex challenges and learn the most optimal ways to use key systems and toolsets in Unity taught by Unity engineers and experts. Sessions include technical training and Q&As, and they are available for Pro and Plus subscribers. Pro users can join all upcoming sessions; Plus users are limited to one session per month. 

Bookmark this schedule page and check it regularly as we will be updating dates and times for sessions on an ongoing basis.

November 2018December 2018Past sessions
Date Topic Unity Expert
Nov 29th at 7.00 pm GMT In-depth view of the new 2D Animation Tool
In this session, the new Unity 2D Rigging and Animation package will be analyzed. You'll also learn how it works and how to get the most out of it. All this directly from one of the tool's programmers, Sergi Valls.

Registration available here.
Sergi Valls
Date Topic Unity Expert
Dec 6th at 7.00 pm GMT Lighting in Unity
Lighting can make or break a scene. To create a realistic looking scene, it is sometimes necessary to tweak some lighting parameters. This presentation aims to explain the various parameters and to compare the quality and lightmap baking time by tweaking these parameters.

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Yi Fei Boon
Dec 13th at 7.00 pm GMT Profiler indepth
In this session, we'll profile a Unity game while learning the different features that the Unity Profiler has to offer for optimizing your game.

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Italo Capaso
Dec 20th at 7.00 pm GMT The C# Job System and the Burst Compiler
In this session, we will explore the new C# Job System and the Burst compiler in depth. You will learn how to implement it, as well as the considerations when using it and how to profile your multithreaded code in Unity.

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Juan Mora
TBA soon Mega City
You have probably heard about the Mega City demo. In this presentation we will inspect different systems using ECS and how using it made a demo this big possible.

Registration available soon here.
Mike Acton
TBA soon FPS Sample project structure
We announced and released the FPS Sample project at Unite LA. Join this stream to learn more about how to extend it, how it works and how it can be used as a template for your game.

Registration available soon here.
Peter Andreasen
# Topic Unity Expert
Session 1 Lightweight Render Pipeline
Exploring the Lightweight Render Pipeline with Tim Cooper and Andre McGrail.

Tim Cooper, Andre McGrail
Session 2 Architecture and implementations in Unity Multiplayer
Digging into the new Unity Multiplayer, our UNet Replacement.

Michal Brzozowski
Session 3 New Navigation system considerations
Watch our session about Extensibility and Performance in the Navigation system.

Adrian Turcanu
Session 4 Real World Shader Graph applications
Digging into the Shader Graph.

Andy Touch
Session 5 Optimization best practices
Expert interview about Performance Optimization.

Ian Dundore
Session 6 Animation and the Job System
Implementing Cyclic Coordinate Decent Based Inverse Kinematics (CCD IK).

James Bouckley
Session 7 ECS/JS/Burst developer interview
Watch our Entity Component System/Job System/Burst interview with Joachim Ante and Martin Gram.

Joachim Ante, Martin Gram