Unity for Games

How Coatsink delivers better games, faster with help from Unity Integrated Success

Coatsink has a long legacy with Unity, having developed and released 15 games over the last ten years and published many more. They recently launched Jurassic World: Aftermath for multiple platforms, including Oculus Quest 2. Coatsink has continually pushed creative boundaries, and Unity has helped them to maintain a heavy production schedule while integrating state-of-the-art gameplay and graphics.

“We’re totally Unity, totally multiplatform, and we’re at the cutting edge of VR development,” says lead programmer Tom Elliot. “So adding Unity Integrated Success to the team speeds all our workflows and helps us solve code challenges as soon as they pop up.”

Download the full case study to learn how Unity helped Coatsink:

  • Save considerable coding and QA time by implementing an Integrated Success workaround instead of upgrading the entire platform mid-project
  • Port unique lighting and shading effects for Quest 1 and 2 VR devices
  • Build custom tools for designers and artists onto the Unity Editor
  • Reduce time spent managing network resources significantly
  • Created one of the fastest-selling games ever for Quest VR

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