CineCast is a dynamic camera system that enables the creation of movie-like cinematic sequences from variable gameplay, in real-time. It powers in-game replays, it enables footage for trailers (think marketing camera), it’s a streaming casting tool and it makes esports more accessible to the audience.

It dynamically generates cameras which consider multiple subjects and how to best compose and track them. It then evaluates all the shots based on the current situation or story and dynamically edits between them with an AI that understands core cinematography rules. The result is trailer-like footage from games while they're being played.

Using cutting edge technology, CineCast dynamically creates cameras which can move, track and compose multiple subjects, evaluate shots, determine the most interesting scenarios and evaluate the cuts between cameras while considering fundamental cinematography rules. Watch our Unite LA demo and see it in action.

CineCast opens up exciting new possibilities for developers, casters and viewers of games.

  • For Replays: Have CineCast power the cameras for your in-game replays, ensuring great shots and editing no matter what happens
  • For cutscenes and game trailers: No need to make a ‘marketing’ camera and fly around your game repeatedly trying to get good footage.
  • For eSports Casters: CineCast gives high-level director type controls to your Casters to they can make real-time cinematic streams of your game for Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, etc.

CineCast is new technology which we feel could change how people create and view game content. We are looking to find partners and discuss how we can help bring this vision to reality. If you’re interested in CineCast, please let us know below.

"It's like having a film production crew inside the game working for me to get the best shots, CineCast is a game changer." - Missharvey, caster and five-time Counter-Strike world champion

Unity CineCast, Greybox prototype testbed