Choose the right engine for your mobile needs and set yourself up for success from the start

It’s no secret that mobile games are big business, and revenues are growing year after year. In fact, they account for more than 72% of all app store revenue and surpassed $100B in 2020 app store sales.

With all these developers competing for a piece of the mobile pie, it can feel daunting to make a game that will stand out and find an audience. So how can you make a successful mobile game that finds and grows a player base? Before even starting the first line of code for your next project, you’ll want to take a look at your engine options and ask yourself the right questions.

In this e-book, we take a look at the challenges of mobile development, and what you need to think of when choosing an engine for your next mobile game, including:

  • What engine capabilities you may need for your project, both today and for future projects down the road
  • The value of learning resources and available support that can play a role in keeping your project on track without wasting valuable resources
  • Critical post-launch considerations to keep in mind – including how to grow and retain an audience in a competitive market

Download the e-book today, and get on track to become the next big mobile success story.


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