VIATechnik Report: BIM to Unity via PiXYZ

Real-time 3D is transforming how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) teams develop, visualize, scale and deliver their projects. VIATechnik, a BIM consulting and virtual design and construction firm, recently reviewed IFC files converted from Revit to Unity via the PiXYZ Plugin. In this detailed evaluation, you will:

  • Learn how VIATechnik put the PiXYZ plugin to the test by analyzing 21 IFCs generated from actual virtual design and construction projects.
  • See how to import Revit files into Unity using the PiXYZ Plugin for usable geometry models.
  • Review BIM workflow use cases and what's capable in Unity.

After reading this report, you’ll understand how to accelerate the BIM workflow with fast and flexible Revit imports and reduce model preparation time by 20-30%.