Cheetah Mobile reaches new heights

With Cheetah Mobile’s large user base of over 25 million Daily Active Users, a slight dip on the return of mobile ads could add up to a substantial drop in revenue. Since taking on Unity Ads as a long-term partner, however, the number of ads in front of players has been consistently high, and players have responded positively, resulting in an increase of 16% in revenue and 10% in 2nd-day retention.

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Cheetah Mobile The challenge: Previously erratic ad pricing proved costly

Before adopting Unity Ads, erratic pricing from ad networks was resulting in an increased workload and unpredictable, wasteful results.

The solution: Unity Ads global reach and excellent performance

With the help of Unity Ads, Cheetah Mobile has increased revenue and improved retention rates to foster a much higher customer LTV.

The results:
  • Total revenue increase of 16%
  • 2nd-day retention increase of 10%
  • A reach of 220+ countries with a fill rate of over 95%
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