How Mimimi made Desperados IIII a huge success with a small team


How Mimimi made Desperados III a huge success with a small team

Mimimi Games has chosen Unity as their core development platform for over 10 years, and they most recently relied on Unity to create Desperados III. And with 96% positive Steam reviews, a Metacritic score of 86 (PC), and impressive award nominations, Desperados III can safely be called a small-team success story.

“We started as six people, we’ve devoted years to this project, and with Unity as our core platform, we’ve created what many are calling a AA-class title,” says studio founder Dominik Abé.

Download this case study to learn how Mimimi Games:

  • Used Unity productivity tools like the Addressable Asset System and performance tools like the Profiler to ensure their game runs optimally on all target platforms
  • Empowered artists to be creative and iterate fast with features such as Timeline and the UI Toolkit
  • Saved time by enabling fast prototyping, quick iterations and easy multiplatform outputs

Game on!


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