Hi-Rez keep good company

Discover why Hi-Rez partners with Unity’s multiplayer services to deliver a market-leading player experience for millions of players.

Studios in the game industry operate in a fiercely competitive space. And if, like Hi-Rez, your games are free to play and you’ve got an impressive back catalog, then the pressure to deliver the goods is substantial. So how do they do it?

This case study explores Hi-Rez’s long-standing relationship with Multiplay and Vivox, two solutions that form part of Unity’s growing suite of services for multiplayer games. By partnering with Multiplay for game server infrastructure and Vivox for voice comms, the team designing, building and shipping their latest hit, Rogue Company, can focus more on creating an incredible player experience, and less on backend infrastructure.

Over 70 million people, across all platforms and in every corner of the world, have played and loved Hi-Rez’s games. Download the case study to learn how Hi-Rez and Unity operate Rogue Company as it scales to greatness.


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